6 Color Wovensack Printing Machine Manufacturer

In India, we are the top manufacturer and supplier of 6 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine. A cutting-edge printing method created only for print on woven sacks is the 6 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine. Because of their strength and durability, woven sacks—also known as woven polyester bags—are often use in sectors like packaging, development, and agriculture.

Six colour areas on this printing device allow the production of prints that are vibrant and of excellent quality. Each colour station has its own ink structure, ensuring accurate colour registrations as well as ink dispersion. The machine's flexibility allows it to print complicated designs, logos, text, and other visuals on woven bags of different dimensions and forms.

The loading of the woven bags into the machine's feeding system, which safely holds and moves the sacks through the printing stations, starts the process of printing. Each colour station prints an individual colour of ink onto the cloth as the bags go within the machine. Sharp clear prints are produced on the bags as to the precise ink transfer from the plates that print or screen.

6 Color Wovensack Printing Machine Supplier in India

The 6 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine is the one we supply and make. Innovative features are incorporated with the 6 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine to increase efficiency and productivity. These can include an automated registering system for precise colour position, a built-in drying system to speed up ink drying out, and an intuitive control panel for simple operation and print process monitoring.

This machine is capable of handling woven bags in great numbers at fast speeds to fulfil the needs of industrial-scale manufacturing. Companies that specialise in the creation and marketing of woven bags may use it to manufacture visually beautiful and personalised goods at a low cost and in a short amount of time.

The 6 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine, in its complete, is a complex printing device developed to satisfy the unique printing needs of woven sacks. Companies in the weaving sack sector may benefit greatly from it owing to its innovative characteristics, multicolor capabilities, and speed. It enables them to create printed designs on their products that are both attractive and long-lasting.

Features of 6 Color Wovensack Printing Machine

The printing process involves several steps:

  • Design Preparation: Graphic designing software is used to develop the digital layout or image that will be printed on the woven bags. The designs is separated by separate layers or plates for each colour.
  • Plate Preparation: For each colour, different printing plates or screens are made. The picture or pattern that will be printed is on the plates in question.
  • Ink Mixing: According to the suitable colours and shades needed for the design, several coloured inks are produced. On the machine, each colour has its own ink tank or system.
  • Registration: The printing plates or screens have been precisely placed to guarantee perfect registering and matching of the colours before the constructed bag is introduced into the machine.
  • Printing: The weaved bag travels through the equipment, passing beneath each printed station or unit. To create the final pattern, each colour is put to the bag in its allocated location and placed over another.
  • Drying: The ink must be fully dried after printing in order for it to stick to the woven bag efficiently. Depending on the type of ink used, this can be done using a variety of methods such as air drying, heat drying, or UV drying.
  • Finishing: The ink must be fully fixed after printing so as for it to stick to the woven bag effectively. Depending on the type of ink used, this can be done using a variety of techniques such as drying by air, heat drying, or UV curing.

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