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We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Flexo Printing Machine and Flexographic Printing Machine India

Established in 2008 - it is one of the leading and renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of High Speed Flexo Printing Machine and Flexographic Printing Machine in India. Flexo Printing Machine ensures easy operation, accurate color process and particularly for long printing runs on all Rolling material multicolor/special colors printing with CMYK can be achieved easily in short term. Flexo printing machine is more stable and provides better printing quality, suitable for printing HDPE, LDPE, PP, rolling paper, nonwoven fabric etc. Printing can be carried out on coarse surfaces of non-woven fabrics too. Patterned lines of fine colors can also be printed. Flexo Printing Machine features high color saturation, strong adhesive force, good smoothness and high speed.

We offer the best quality which can be used in diverse industry for Flexographic Printing. Moreover buy a superior range of Flexo Printing Machine at the most reasonable prices. We are globally recognized for all various types of Flexo Printing Technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Besides the broad range of flexo machines, our customers depend on us to have the solution for any printing objective which supports every application as per their requirement. We also offer customized solutions for Flexo Printing Machine.

Features Of Flexo Printing Machine

  • Registration Accuracy
  • Strong and rebuts structure for Zero vibrations
  • Quick Loading of Print Cylinders to minimize downtime
  • Auto-stop for Web Heater
  • Thermostat for Power saving
  • Helical Gears for Smoother movement
  • Hard Chromed Anilox & Cylinder Rollers for Sharper Images
  • Digital Counter Duplex System with to unwind and rewind stations to run two jobs at the same time
  • Reverse printing - 1+5 or 2+4 or 3+3

Efficiency Of Flexo Printing Machine

  • High Printing speed to meet high - volume orders
  • Precise Printing quality for superior reproductions
  • Simultaneous two job Printing for more productivity
  • Energy-saving for Lower operational costs
  • Easy operation that save labour

Flexo Printing Machine has a high-speed printing process and makes use of fast-drying inks. Such a flexo printing machine can print on a range of absorbent and non-absorbent materials and even can print in continuous patterns. Flexographic Printing Machine produces high quality, finer and clear impressions on different substrates.

What is the cost of flexo printing machine?

It may come as no surprise in our opinion it is best to buy a new Flexo printing machine which will operate for a long time without undergoing a major breakdown as opposed to buying a second-hand flexo printing machine. But how much do the Flexo printing machine cost? Price does not matter whether it is low and high. The right question to ask would be how much value you will derive from the flexo printing machine, what is your return on investment on Flexographic Printing Machine.

What is the difference between offset and flexo printing?

The main difference with both processes is that offset printing is only done on a flat surface while Flexographic printing can be used on almost any substrate with a flexible surface. Flexo printing machine can achieve high-speed production and many presses have multiple converting options integrated into the press, enabling a single pass operation for flexo printing technology.

How to use a flexo printing machine?

When you buy Flexo Printing Machine from Ishan International, there would be a technical person sent to make you understand how to make use of Flexo Printing Machine step-wise. There would be an elaborative manner for explanation of using Flexo Printing Machine for your day to day functions at the Industry. 

What are the advantages of flexographic printing machine?

A Flexographic printing machine is a great long term business investment for both medium and high volume production. Printing in any virtually material using a variety of ink and colour combinations. It provides high-quality labels and printed films that sell products, equipment that lasts a long time in harsh conditions.

Manufacturer of Flexo Printing Machine

With more than 13 years of experience in the printing sector, we offer the market a high level of technological innovation and a specialized and localized technical service with Flexo Printing Machine. Flexographic printing is our core business, and with time, we have become one of the world's leading Manufacturer of Flexo Printing Machine with a central drum for short, medium and long runs, and which adapt to the market's most demanding requirements. Non-Woven Roll to Roll Flexo Printing Machine is ideal for printing various images, designs and patterns of different colours on non woven fabric. This machine is available in many modules like 2 colour, 4 colour, 6 color and 8 color Flexo Printing Machine. Four Color Flexo Printing Machine, adopting rubber or photosensitive resin as a printing plate, is commonly known as the Flexo Printing Machine. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag so we known as world-class leaders as a manufacturer of flexo printing machine. We manufacture a flexo printing machine with a sturdy design, allowing optimum speed, stability and easy operations. We are a successful manufacturer of Flexo Printing Machine as our clients demand our product in the overseas market mainly due to our quality.

Flexo Printing Machine Supplier in India

Flexographic printing is a versatile printing method that is an extensively used printing process in product labels, packaging, films, and corrugated containers. The result of this flexo printing machine process is reliable and of premium quality. Among the several flexo printing machine suppliers, Ishan International is one of the leading flexo printing machine supplier in India. If you are a label printing company then it is important to invest in the right printing machine to create high-quality striking labels catering to all the needs of your customers. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying flexo printing machines to the commercial printing industry. Our machines are equipped with the highest international specifications and standards ensuring offering superior quality printing and efficiency to the customers. Among all we are the best flexo printing machine supplier in India because of our machines accuracy and reliability.

Best Flexo Printing Machine in India

Flexo printing machine is highly utilized in all areas of printing wherever applicable. To buy the Best Flexo Printing Machine in India, Ishan International is the most demanded brand in the market which offers you supreme quality Flexo Printing Machine. We are well-known Flexographic Printing Machines Manufacturers in the Indian as well as International market. The best result is achieved with the printing on paper and corrugated cardboard. High production with less effort and state of the art technology printing plate production and machine technology are used to produce images with maximum print quality using flexo printing machines.

CI Flexo Printing Machine

Cutting edge technology and high manufacturing standards ensure premium print quality and long-lasting value. With their varied repeat lengths and medium to super-wide printing widths, CI (Central Impression) flexo printing machine meet the requirements of the most demanding package printing applications. Ishan International is one of the global leaders in producing the finest CI flexo printing machine. Over the years, central impression Flexo printing machine has enjoyed many advantages over In-line Flexo presses such as the ability to print on thin substrates.

Flexographic Printing Machine

Manufacturer of Flexographic Printing Machine, Automatic Flexo Printing Machine

Being a prominent provider of the flexographic printing machine in India, we keep upgrading our flexo printing machine with innovative designs to meet our customers mass printing needs at the best operational cost. We have the finest engineers who keep themselves updated with the latest technological knowledge to add the best features to the flexo printing machine to boost the productivity level to a greater extent. At Ishan International, you will get a high speed flexographic printing machine at competitive prices because we are the best flexo printing machine manufacturers in India. The flexo machine price is so affordable for any business, whether that be small or big enterprise.

Multicolor Flexo Printing Machine

We offer a Multicolour Flexo Printing Machine to our clients. Our skilled professionals only utilize fine quality raw material, while manufacturing the entire range. Moreover, our offered range can be availed in various technical specifications, as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. Ishan is multicolour Flexo Printing Machine Manufacturer and it is a Breakthru’ Innovative Design to deliver the Latent needs of Global Consumers for mass production efficiently at a very competitive running cost. It is ideal for best quality jobs’ is a highly productive Flexo Printing Machine. A huge range of Flexo Printing Machine is suitable for printing various type of Rolls of Non-Woven, Polythene & Paper. Flexo Printing Machine is highly suitable for big volumes and results in a fast turn around. Superior Technology Control Panel allows easy customer interface and Robust Unwinder and Rewinder permit the smooth flow of jobs.

Why choose us

Having 13+ years of experience we have been serving the client in the best possible manner. Delivering a quality range of flexo printing machine, have expanded our network across India. Various features which has helped us to provide the highest satisfaction to our patrons. Owing to the following reason we can achieve massive success in this industry.

  • Strict Quality Standards
  • Excellent Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Customization facility
  • Professional Team
  • Expedite Delivery
  • Industry-leading price
  • Cost-effective


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