4 Color Wovensack Printing Machine Manufacturer

We are the top manufacturer and supplier of 4 colour woven sack printing machines in India. We are known across the world for our four-color woven sack printing machine technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A specialised tool called a four-color woven sack printing machine is employed for printing trends, visuals, or logos on woven sacks or bags made of materials like polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). Four various colours or ink are used in the process of printing by this machine, providing complex and colourful images to be printed on the bags.

The woven sacks are fed through a set of rollers that keep and move the bags throughout the process of printing while the machine runs. A printing plate or cylinder is made for each colour, and each color's ink is kept in its own inkwell or reservoirs. As the woven bags move through the machine, the ink gets transferred onto the plates or cylinder that have the desired design or pattern.

The printing plate or cylinders spin while the weaved bags pass through the machine, coming into touch with the sacks and imparting the appropriate colours into the material. The weaved bags are meticulously positioned to achieve perfect registration of the colours and exact placement of the design as this process is repeated for each colour.

4 Color Wovensack Printing Machine Supplier in India

We supply and develop the 4 color wovensack printing machine. Since it allows the use of many colours and elaborate structures, the product packaging industry's four-color woven-sack printing machine gives flexibility in terms of design possibilities. It is frequently employed in sectors such as wrapping, agriculture, and construction, where woven sacks are frequently used for both the movement and storage of a wide range of goods.

The four colour woven sack printing machine is, all things looked at, an invaluable tool for producers and businesses who need to print high-quality, visually appealing graphics on woven sacks to improve their brand recognition and product presentation.

Features of 4 Color Wovensack Printing Machine

  • Color Capability: Usually, the 4 Colour Wovensack Printing Machine can print in four different colours. This means that it can print on the woven sack material utilising up to four different ink colours.
  • Printing Method: The device may print the woven bags utilising flexographic printing or gravure printing, among various other methods. Flexible substances like woven sacks are often printed with flexographic printing methods.
  • Registration System: To guarantee accurate positioning of the printed arrangement on the bags, woven sack printing equipment frequently contain a registration mechanism. By preserving quality and uniformity throughout the printing press, this technology helps prevent mistakes and misalignments.
  • Speed and Productivity: The machine's speed and efficiency are crucial factors. A higher output volume may be possible with higher-end devices' more printing rates.
  • Drying System: To avoid smudging or propagating, the ink needs to dry fast after its application to the woven bag. In order to speed up the drying process, drying systems for wovensack printing machines are often included. These devices may use hot air or other methods for drying.
  • Control System: Usually, these devices contain a control panel or user interface allowing operators set up printing settings, keep an eye on the printing procedure, and make changes as needed. Digital controls or displays with touchscreens might be part of the control system.
  • Material Handling: Automatic feed and going back systems are examples of the characteristics for effective material management that may be found on woven sacks printing presses. These features simplify printing and raise the level of output overall.
  • Durability and Maintenance: In order to withstand constant use, the machine's construction and elements need to be strong and long-lasting. In addition, it could have maintenance features like self-cleaning systems or simple access to essential components for normal maintenance jobs.

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