The lamination machine is essential for all flexible packaging industries, we understand the need for the lamination machine and that is why drawn into the lamination machine apart from the flexo printing machine. In addition to the utmost quality, under one roof solutions and customization options has enabled us to leave a strong impression in the printing and Lamination Machine Manufacturer, converting printing machine market. To meet the customer’s requirement along with the budget, we provide a wide array of solvent-less lamination machine and solvent-based lamination machine.

Exporter of Lamination Machine in Gondia

All the lamination machine executes on the same principle but the difference is the adhesive used in the laminating. The laminating machine uses PET film as its base film, the adhesive is evenly applied on one side of the PET film, once this combination undergoes the special process, it turns into advanced packing material. Because of its salient features of protection such as water protection, alteration resistance, damp resistance lamination machines are highly acknowledged in the flexible packaging industries.

Solvent Less Lamination Machine

Solvent less lamination Machine is the process of metering a low viscosity adhesive onto a multiple application roll configuration that applies the adhesive to a first substrate, which is then mated to a second substrate via a heated nip. Single component first-generation adhesives were primarily moisture-cured polyurethanes. This adhesive is coated onto a substrate and atmospheric moisture reacts with excess isocyanine groups to crosslink the adhesive after it interfaces with the second film. Solvent Less adhesives are constrained; however, in their use with retort packaging by the lower coating weights provided by the solvent less laminating process.

Solvent Less Lamination Machine Supplier in Gondia

Solvent Less Lamination Machine as low-carbon printing equipment is widely used in the industry today. The main choice of solvent-free adhesive will be two or more than a variety of substrates in line with the method, from the first generation of solvent-less lamination machine so far, the solvent-less lamination machine has the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving and high efficiency. Solvent less composite technology has been used in our country for more than ten years now. Because of all kinds of practical factors, it has not gained universal development like dry compound. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, a solvent-less compound in the last one or two years has made long-term development, installed capacity showed a historic breakthrough, solvent-free composite to begin to occupy the main position of the composite field.

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