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Our team keeps eyes on updates correlated to the latest technology in printing machine, lamination machine and converting machine. Solvent less Lamination Machine is the example of latest technology implementation into our manufacturing.

Solvent less Lamination Machine India

The solvent less lamination machine delivers Eco friendly product which is well demanded in the food packaging industries. Apart from food packaging because of its Eco friendly aspect, all other industries which demands packaging has been diverting towards solvent less lamination machine. We offer the most accurate, efficient solvent less lamination machine at the best affordable price.

  • Eco friendly
  • Low cost
  • Efficient
  • High in Demand
Solvent Based Lamination Machine Manufacturer
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Solvent less Lamination Machine used for:
  • Aluminum foil, paper
Application Area of Solvent less Lamination Machine:

Solvent less Lamination machine is used for Plastic bag lamination, brown paper lamination, flexible packaging lamination, shopping bags lamination, snack bags lamination, self adhesive labels lamination, food packaging lamination, liquid packaging lamination, powder packaging lamination, shrink label lamination.

Prominent Features of Solvent less lamination machine:
  • Steel frame structure embedded with solidifying tie rods gives the vibration free machine
  • High accuracy at the maximum speed without any noise
  • Interchangeable metering rollers prevents the downtime during production
  • Servo motor operates metering roller, glue evenly roller and coating rollers
  • duplex winders carry out a fully automatic bi directional reel splice
  • Fully integrated machine operating system to control the whole process
  • The OS comprises treaters, hating unit, data loggers and alarms
  • Tension control in rewind and unwind achieved by dance rollers
Customization Options in Solvent less lamination machine:
  • Fully automatic trolleys
  • hoist system
  • chill roll
  • Reverse roll
  • Bow roller
  • Ink circulation pump
Delivery information of Solvent less Lamination Machine:

Minimum requirement for order: 1
Sample Available on Request: Yes
Product Dispatch From: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Packing Info: Wooden Crates
Country We Serves: India, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia

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