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We focus on the employment purpose of the machine; afterwards design it concentrating the purpose to give 100% customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, we have designed the Slitter machine to meet the shearing operation of large PP, PE or any other polythene roll into narrower rolls.

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There are two types of the Slitting Machine, log slitting machine and rewinding slitting machine also known as slitting rewinding machine. The purpose of the both slitting machine is the same, but the mechanism employed is different.

In log slitting machine, a whole roll of the material is treated as a whole log and one or more slices achieved without any unrolling process, whereas in the rewind slitting machine the web is unwound and run through the machine, passing all the way through the knives, prior being rewound on shaft to deliver narrower rolls. Slitting rewinding machines have higher stability and can be used for very long lengths as well. Thus, the dominating features of slitting rewinding machine have massive demand in the food industries for slitting purpose, in contrast to log.

Slitting Rewinding Machine:

  • Efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Long life time
  • Lower power consumption

Slitting Rewinding Machine Used for:

  • BOPP, Paper

Application Area of Slitting Rewinding Machine:

Slitting LDPE film rolls, Slitting LLDPE rolls, Slitting HDPE rolls, Slitting PP rolls, Slitting PE rolls, Slitting PET rolls, Slitting CPP rolls, Slitting BOPP rolls, Slitting Paper rolls.

Prominent Features of Slitting Rewinding Machine:

  • Complete steel body construction offers sturdy and vibration less machine
  • Rubber roller and steel roller regulate the drive system of the machine
  • Shaft driven break system
  • Duplex center cum surface winding and unwinding system
  • Center drive drum ensures accurate slit rolls
  • Embedded with the counter balance system to control Pressure between rewind reels and center drum
  • Assortment in slitting type: crush cut, razor cut, scissor cuts, blade cut

Customization Options in Slitting Rewinding Machine:

  • Auto tension control system for unwind unit
  • Web guide system
  • Pneumatic system for Arm, Clutch, Brake
  • Air shaft for unwind station
  • Digital line edge guide system
  • Four motor synchronized drives
  • Un-winder without shaft
  • Pneumatic Lifter

Delivery information of Slitting Rewinding Machine:

Minimum requirement for order: 1
Sample Available on Request: Yes
Product Dispatch From: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Packing Info: Wooden Crates
Country We Serves: India, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia

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