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Lamination Machine

The Dry Lamination Machine is one of them, which is manufactured with the focus of reducing toxic emission and providing the same quality of the end product. We offer this toxic emission free, yet efficient dry lamination at the best affordable price.

  • No toxic emission
  • Low power consumption
  • Low processing temperature
  • Optimum output

Dry Lamination Machine Used for:

  • Aluminum foil, paper

Application Area of Dry Lamination Machine:

Dry Lamination machine is used for Plastic bag lamination, brown paper lamination, flexible packaging lamination, shopping bags lamination, snack bags lamination, self adhesive labels lamination, food packaging lamination, liquid packaging lamination, powder packaging lamination, shrink label lamination.

Prominent Features of Dry Lamination Machine:

  • No solvent vapor due to simple loading and unloading reels
  • Automatic temperature control system for high velocity hot air dryer
  • Shaft less machine design eliminates tolerance
  • unwind stand with airshaft offers smooth operation
  • turret rotation mechanism for auto roll exchanging
  • embedded material splicing for high efficiency
  • edge guider for accurate coating
  • Low wastage due to mid flow stop option
  • doctor blade insure accurate and uniform coating thickness
  • integrated machine operating system enable to adjust temperature, doctor blade moment and roller
  • Four sided plus straight drying machine offers excellent drying performance
  • High qualitative hot oil roller and water cooling roller for quality end product and turret rotation mechanism offers auto exchanging of laminated roll
Customization Options in Dry Lamination Machine:
  • Fully Automatic Trolleys
  • Hoist System
  • Reverse Roll
  • Bow Roller
  • Electric Heating
  • Thermal Heating
  • Gas Heating
Delivery information of Dry Lamination Machine:

Minimum requirement for order: 1
Sample Available on Request: Yes
Product Dispatch From: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Packing Info: Wooden Crates
Country We Serves: India, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia

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